Solar Grid – Tie Inverter

Capacity : 2kVA - 60kVA


  • True three-phase bridge transformer-less topology for DC/AC output converter
  • Three independent MPP tracking gains optimal energy harvesting.
  • Low sensitivity to grid disturbances to avoid undesired disconnection from the grid
  • Wide range of input voltage and operation environment
  • Multiple MPPT Channels
  • IP65 Harshest Industrial Protection for indoors & outdoors.
  • Wide DC input range from 200V up to 800V
  • Wide operating temperature range -20 C/+60 C.
  • Cable connection without tools
  • Easily accessible connection area
  • E&C PV Expert Grid Tie UPS comes with built -in Solar Charger to maximise the DC power from the Solar Array. The DC is converted to AC by the Inverter and can be used for self consumption. Whatever is in excess, can be exported to the Grid. The Inverter design decides if power has to be exported to the grid or to be drawn from the grid.