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E&C Products are designed indigenously so that there is a complete control on the components used as well as long term service support to its customers. The modular design adopted helps in easy serviceability and lower our service costs. E&C follows well defined process for design, development, prototype development, field trial and fine tuning the performance. The robust Engineering Change Management Process helps in controlled enhancements to the product based on Field performance and failures encountered.
E&C’s R&D uses advanced tools for design and testing. The test bench is well equipped with sophisticated equipments for measurement of electrical parameters, loads (Resistive, Inductive and SMPS), heat chamber for high temperature tests and endurance tests. The R&D Department works closely with various renowned labs for vibration tests, EMI/EMC and for other certifications.
Due to the high experience in the field of Power electronics, E&C has the capability to develop / integrate various solutions to meet new requirements of its customers where an off-the-shelf solution is not available.

For any new requirement which you don’t find a solution in our standard product portfolio, please write to [email protected]