Renata 300 Series

Capacity: 10kVA to 800 kVA


  • 3 Phase Input / 3 Phase Output
  • Inbuilt isolation transformer
  • Upto 95% efficiency
  • Inbuilt Static By-pass Switch
  • LCD Display
  • RS-232 and Relay contacts
  • SNMP compatible communication
  • Optional – T-Mon remote monitoring software
  • Parallel operation upto 4 units
  • High performance at non-linear loads
  • Custom frequency ranges
  • Manufactured according to EC Directive EN62040

  • Applications:
    Data Center, Servers, Computer Peripherals, V-SAT equipment, Medical Equipment, Telecom Equipment, Machinery

    Renata 300 is a three phase Output UPS, available from 10 kVA to 300 kVA. The UPS is transformer based and very rugged. This UPS can be paralleled upto 4 units. The high charger capacity enables supply of higher Ah batteries for backup. This model comes with a high efficiency and its robustness ensures high uptime.