Air Cooled (Range : 1kVA to 100kVA)

Model: E&C ARIES


  • AC Synchronous Motor for long and rugged life.
  • Zero wave form distortion
  • Suitable for Balanced and unbalanced loads
  • Generator Compatibility
  • Faster correction rate - No Overshoot/Hunting
  • Latest Solid State Control Circuit
  • Applications:
    Textile Machines, Printing and Packing Machine, AC, CNC Machines, Medical Instruments.

    Servo controlled voltage stabilizers provide a stabilized / near constant voltage where the input voltages are erratic. The servo motor provides a smooth correction of the voltage. These are useful for machinery which needs constant voltage. These cannot provide any backup in the event of power outage and any such outage of power will not result in a loss of material or damage to machinery / equipments / data loss. The servo controlled air cooled voltage stabilisers are available in the range of 2 kVA – 100 kVA.